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Trinity Vs Trinity Pro Home Microcurrent


So many people have been thrilled with how much more lifted, toned, & tightened their faces & necks are since beginning to have in-office treatments with &/or using the NuFACE Trinity Pro at home.
I use and sell the NuFACE Trinity PRO model of the popular Trinity, which has a lot of people asking, “What’s the difference?”

• Power! The NuFACE Trinity PRO is MUCH more powerful. It delivers 0-400 micro-amperes, whereas the regular NuFACE Trinity delivered only 0-335. What that means is that you will get more lifting, & more tightening with the PRO model.
• Warranty! The regular NuFace Trinity comes with a 1 year warranty. The PRO comes with a 2 year warranty. This is a big deal! I love warranties. Even when a product is solidly made, if you’re using it day in & day out, every now & again something can go awry & to know that it’ll be completely taken care of is certainly reassuring when investing in any type of beauty device.

• Invaluable Professional Help! The PRO Model is only sold in medical environments & thru professional skin care therapists. Even though it’s easy to use, comes with instructions, & there are video tutorials walking you thru its use, there is something to be said for having someone show you exactly how YOU need to use it and exactly the places YOU need to work a little harder to get an extra lift. I personally offer a complimentary lesson with the purchase of each device because I really truly want everyone I come into contact with to have the best results possible. I want you to look younger & feel better about your appearance & I would feel just awful if you invested in a device that you never really got the hang of using. Then it would just sit on your bathroom counter collecting dust, while your face continues to droop. You’d curse my name for highly recommending a fabulous gadget that isn’t working for you, because you’re not using it, because you don’t know how. 

• Beware…any online retailers that are not an extension of an actual skin care professional will only have access to the Trinity with 0-335 microamperes and the 1 year warranty. They cannot, will not, & do not sell PRO models. NuFACE only sells these PRO models through their authorized distributors. You can however, purchase a PRO model by contacting me directly at 513-304-0257 or

• Price…Both models retail for $325….Seriously! So, why not get the better, stronger, more effective model that comes with twice the warranty? Honestly, in my opinion, to not do so would be foolish. Don’t get me wrong, the non-pro version works but the Pro is better. And better is just… well, better!

• You can purchase the Trinity Pro alone or with either the ELE (Eye and Lip) attachment or the wrinkle reducing LED attachment.   It’s less than the cost of 1 treatment of Botox & provides much more long lasting effects and doesn’t use chemicals!
If you’re curious to see how the NuFace Trinity works for lifting & tightening the face, I offer a Skin Tightening Micro-Current Facial for $100. This is one of my most popular treatments. It’ll give you a chance to see & feel the machine & decide if purchasing one might be right for you.