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What You Should Know Before Using Collagen

What You Should Know Before Using Collagen

Collagen supplements are available to help boost the amount of collagen in your body, which can help with everything from your gut health to your skin. This natural protein is found in your body, but of course due to the natural aging process, you might notice much less of it as you get older. Here are some things to know about using a collagen supplement.

What Causes a Loss of Collagen?

Not everyone needs a supplement. While it is good for everyone to have adequate collagen proteins in their body, if you have a well-balanced diet and are not participating in some of the unhealthy habits that cause a reduction, then it might not be an issue for you.
Some things that can break down the collagen in your body include excessive sun exposure without protecting your skin, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and having a poor diet lacking nutrients.

Why You Should Use Collagen Supplements

How do you know if you need collagen? Typically, someone who is in their mid 20s or older, who may display premature signs of aging, general skin issues, joint pain, muscle or bone issues, or gut problems, could benefit from using a collagen supplement. It is also possible to experiment with a small dose of collagen each day, then waiting a few weeks to see if you notice any difference in how you look or feel. If you don’t, it might not be necessary for you.

Natural Ways to Get More Collagen

If you are not interested in using a collagen supplement, there are a few ways to boost it naturally and reduce it’s break down. This includes:

-Drinking plenty of water.

-Eating nutrient-rich foods, especially leafy greens, citrus fruits, veggies, and wild-caught salmon.

-Quitting smoking and other unhealthy habits.

-Protecting your skin when out in the sun.


You can also start drinking bone broth, which also has a good amount, but you will get a lot more collagen protein by just using a powdered supplement containing collagen peptides. Remember that gelatin also provides some of the same health benefits, but again, you get the highest concentrated amount with the powdered collagen supplement.

Look for a good quality supplement. Ask at a reputable health food store or local Whole Foods type market which collagen they recommend.