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From Fireworks to Facials

This is my first Installment of “From Fireworks to Facials”.  Since the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day (Yay) is but a few short days away….I’d like to share a Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks story. How it relates to skincare, well it doesn’t really, but it’s fun.

Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks has been in my family since 1895. That’s a long time for one family to be together. We are a special kind of crazy family. Anyhow, in it’s younger days, Rozzi’s was there to help celebrate the first MLB night game at Crosely Field which took place on May 24, 1935 against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

“Crosley Field was damp and chilly from the previous day’s rainstorm, and a veil of smoke hung low to the ground from the fireworks eruption just minutes before. It was 1935, and 20,500 Cincinnati Reds fans waited in darkened silence as President Franklin Roosevelt flipped a gold ceremonial Western Union telegraph switch at the White House, sending a signal to Cincinnati. Within seconds, an explosion of light drenched the stadium as 632 floodlights illuminated a major league ballpark for the first time in history.” UC Magazine – Jayna Barker 2010

My Father Joseph and his brother Paul were there to light up the sky with the Cincinnati Reds famous “C” logo and an aerial display. The Rozzi’s have been Cincinnati Reds Fans for years and have been lighting up the Wins, Runs and Friday Nights just as long!  The city knows without watching the game if the Reds had a win. We are very grateful to still be part of the Cincinnati Reds and its’ rich history and tradition.



This year, for the first time ever, Rozzi’s will lead the Findley Market Opening Day Parade. As is our tradition, we bring the NOISE!

So whatthe night game in skincare you ask? Use retinol products at night. They work best while your body is at rest and sunlight can inhibit their effectiveness. Wear your SPF 30 every day…especially down at the ballpark! Using quality professional skincare can be a game changer for your skin. Start repairing  by booking a skin treatment at www.rejuvenatewithangela.com/products Subscribe to my blog for more stories and skincare tips at www.rejuvenatewithangela.com