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Rejuvenating Plumping Facial with Sculplla


I don’t mind getting older and I know that I’ve earned some of these wrinkles, but I just don’t want too many. If you’ve been looking for a non-invasive skin treatment that will help smooth away fine lines, Rejuvenating Skincare has the latest and it’s called Sculplla H2.

Sculplla is a safe topical treatment to stimulate your skin into making more collagen. It’s been used in Korea for the last 8 years and recently has made it’s way to the US. Sculplla is a topical serum that can be applied to the face and neck which contains Ploy-L-Lactic Acid. This is the same ingredient found in the facial filler Sculptra. A special mask is then applied activating the serum. The treatment stimulates your own bodies ability to create collagen for long term benefits. The results are immediately noticable and the effect accumulate with each treatment. There’s no downtime except for having to avoid getting your face wet (including sweating) for 12 hours. The effects of one treatment last up to 5 weeks and a series of 3 – 5 done one week apart can last up to 5 months. That’s pretty awesome, especially for needle phobes!

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Cant get in for a treatment?  Buy the Sculplla II Stem Cell Mist, it contains the same innovative ingredients and plumps and beautifies the skin.
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Rejuvenating Skincare with Angela