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3 Reasons for a Men’s Facial

3 Reasons for a Men’s Facial

Having a professional skin treatment isn’t girly at all. In fact,
there are many good reasons for men of all ages to have professional
skin treatments. Here are just 3

1. Skin damage from shaving routines can’t be
fixed with the soap and water you use every day.

In fact the soap and water strips your skin of it
natural protective barrier making it more susceptible to damage.

2. Men have thicker, oilier skin and larger pores.

This, coupled with the soap and water routine, leads
to clogged pores, rosacea, acne and loss of elasticity (saggy jowls).

3. It’s healthy.

Men are more likely to skip out on using sunscreen and those that
spend a lot of time outdoors end up with sun damage showing up as
not only wrinkles but end up with unattractive dark spots and red
dry patches that never go away can likely be pre-cancerous.

To keep your skin healthy, consider this the 3-point case for treating your face to a facial.

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Combat Environmental Aging

What is Environmental Aging ?
Our world is getting increasingly dirty. Skin-aging atmospheric stressors are everywhere, from pollution; exhaust fumes, and industrial smoke, to ozone, extreme weather and free radicals. Scientists now say that day-in; day-out exposure to these atmospheric stressors is aging our skin.
Pollution ages your skin
The truth is, skin exposed to daily toxic pollution becomes prematurely aged, weakened, dull, dehydrated and sensitized.
Recent dermatological studies show:
• The formation of lentigines (Liver Spots)increases with levels of traffic-related air pollution and air pollution-associated gases (1)
• Living in more polluted areas have significantly worse skin hydration (1)
• Living in more polluted areas show depleted vitamin E and squalene levels in the skin (2)
• An increase in atmospheric soot is linked with 20 percent more pigment spots on the forehead and cheeks (1)
• Soot, particles from traffic, and background pollution are associated with a more pronounced Marionette Lines!

Pollution is omnipresent
Unlike UV rays, which disappear when the sun goes down, or can be avoided entirely by staying indoors, pollution is everywhere. Car exhaust, ozone, smoke and free radicals are inescapable, no matter where you live. That’s why it is crucial to protect skin on a day-in, day-out basis from the negative effects of pollution.

There’s a Pollution Solution
Monthly All Natural Miracle Face and Body Peels .
Rejuvenating Skincare with Angela provides complimentary monthly all natural miracle peels when you purchase from T4 & H Skin Repair’s line of cosmesueticles.
We use the most current ingredients combined with cutting edge technology by some of the finest chemists in the USA to give our clients the pollution-neutralizing arsenal to combat modern day aging skin. Book an Appointment Now
Formula Science :
Our Ingredients provide powerful protection against the daily atmospheric stressors that cause premature aging. Vitamin C Serum, resveritrol, daisy flower, copper, hylauronic acid, retinol, blueberry, alpha arbutin…just to name a few.
Surges Moisture
Micro peels produce a 300% increase in the moisture content of the skin after application
Strengthens Aging Skin
A Copper-rich Pollution Magnet
Ingredients like Copper in our peptide oxygen mask acts as a pollution magnet and inhibits pollution-induced superoxide anions within the cell at a rate of more than 98%(5)

**** Receive lifetime complimentary monthly all natural miracle skin peels when you purchase any of our fine physician grade skincare. $100-$150 value monthly! Book an appointment! I’m happy to get you started on the right skin care regime, in person or on-line.

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(2) Scientifically tested results of 69.87% based on a 15-woman biophysical measurement study; (4) in a 9-day ex-vivo study; (5) in in-vitro testing
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