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How to Meditate to Get Rid of Bad Energy

How to Meditate to Get Rid of Bad Energy

Meditation has a long list of benefits, and among them, include the ability to get rid of bad energy. When you have a lot of negativity in your life, that bad energy builds and can cause physical and mental issues. If you are struggling with a lot of bad energy, here are some ways to rid yourself of it with meditation.

Focus on Your Good Thoughts for Good Energy

Bad energy comes from the negativity around you, but it often comes from your own mind. This is easy to do since you are heavily influenced by surrounding circumstances, from a disagreement with a friend or spouse, to frustration with work, and various other stresses. Even watching the news can create a lot of bad energy around you. To surround yourself with good energy, the first thing to do while meditating is focus on good thoughts. Think of something that brings you a lot of happiness, gratitude, and contentment, really focusing on the positivity and pushing out the negativity. You can picture yourself in your favorite place, maybe on a beach or in the mountains. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Try to Separate Your Mind from Physical Discomfort

Another way that bad energy can enter your mind and body is through pain or other forms of physical discomfort. If you have been dealing with chronic or acute pain, that might cause a lot of negativity in your mind, and for good reason. When you are meditating, this is a good time to start working on removing that negative energy.
To start doing this, you will first need to focus on the body parts causing you pain while you are meditating. When you do this, embrace the discomfort, then imagine that the pain is being lifted away. Think soothing and comforting thoughts, and picture that discomfort melting away as you relax more. This is not only a good way to remove the bad energy, but work on natural pain relief as well.

Practice Mindfulness for Ridding Yourself of Bad Energy

Don’t forget about the healing power of mindfulness! This is one of the best ways to get rid of bad energy. With mindfulness, you are focusing only on the present moment, by being mindful of what you are thinking, feeling, and experience right now. This is going to help get rid of bad energy related to past mistakes and regrets, or future worries. Be more mindful on a regular basis, and also focus more on this when you are doing your meditating – this is called mindfulness meditation. Focus on thoughts that make you happy. Be aware of your feelings so when you do find yourself heading in the wrong direction emotionally, you can redirect your mind and thoughts to a better place and feeling. You aren’t in control of much in this life, but you are in control of your thoughts. Be mindful of what you are thinking and let the good in.