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Stop Pushing So Hard

Stop Pushing so Hard

As you begin trying to figure out how to get out of your creative rut and finally get unstuck in your life, you need to understand that sometimes the best thing to do is take a step back. When you keep pushing and forcing things to happen, you are often only
making it worse and harder for yourself. My mom always said, “don’t force it”, if it doesn’t fit, it’s not right”. Here are some things to know about not pushing so hard in order to get unstuck in your life.

You Can’t Force Inspiration to Come to You

Everyone wants to be inspired, whether it is inspiration to create something beautiful, to participate in one of your passions, or to think outside the box at work on a big project. Unfortunately, this is not something you can force on yourself. There are many ways to
find inspiration, but it won’t come to you because you will it to. Sometimes, it all comes down to you pushing too hard. You can’t force yourself to feel things, just like you cant force more creativity or feeling unstuck in your life. Try to live in the moment and let
things happen as they will.

Let Things Happen Naturally

While it is good to put forth an effort any time you want a change or are trying to accomplish something, there comes a point when you find yourself beating your head against a wall, you may just have to step back and see what happens. When you have done everything in your power, you have to accept how things are right now and just let things come in their own time. Maybe you are in a little creative slump right now, but if you keep forcing inspiration, you are only going to make it that much harder to find it.

Find Inspiration in Unexpected Ways

When you are ready to get back out there and find your next big inspiration, look in unexpected places. Read a new book, listen to a new podcast, watch something not in your typical genre, reach out to an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while, go somewhere you have never been. Sitting 10 minutes a day quietly with your eyes closed and letting your mind settle on your breath or the hum of the furnace or some background noise, when done with regularity, can be a great way to let inspired thoughts in. You never know when inspiration will strike, but you need to get out there and find new experiences in order to
find it.

Let Your Life Change Organically

Change is completely natural, but we as humans often fight against it. Stop fighting, raise the white flag, and let changes become improvements. They don’t always have to be a bad thing. Letting go isn’t always easy but it’s always rewarding.