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The Complete Summer Travel Skincare Kit



This Complete Summer Travel Skincare kits consists of high quality professional skincare products are all designed to keep your skin hydrated and protected during hot summer months. Don’t skip your skincare routine and risk sun damage that will show up in September. Travel with simplicity and ease.

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This Complete Summer Travel Skincare Kit consists of high quality professional skincare products are all designed to keep your skin hydrated, protected and healthy during the hottest summer. months. Skipping your skincare routine on vacation will show up in September. Minimize Damage and Travel with Ease!

High quality skincare is very concentrated and a little goes a long way. Use a small amount for big results.

This Complete Summer Travel Skincare Kit includes 6 high quality best selling professional botanical skincare products in a clear zipper bag perfect for travel, set includes:

Oxygen Revitalizing Cleanser, 2 oz –

This invigorating and revitalizing cleanser awakens the skin with Ginseng, Orchid Extract and Glycoproteins.  These key ingredients help to stimulate the skin promoting oxygen-revitalizing effects, which is lost with aging. Japanese Green Tea is incorporated in this cleanser to soothe delicate skin. Full Size Available Here

Vital Hydrant Toner, 2 oz

A blend of vital extracts that refresh, hydrate and stimulate sluggish skin.  Ginseng Extract, Ginkgo Extract, Rosemary Extract and glycoproteins promote oxygen-revitalizing properties, which are lost with aging.  Aloe Vera Barbadensis Gel, Chamomile Extract, Japanese Green Tea and Sea Whip smooth the skin, while Lavender Oil calms the senses.  The blend of three anti-oxidant vitamins A, E and C protect from free radical damage to the skin caused by the environment.  Excellent for ultra sensitive skin. Full Size Available Here

AHA Mint Masque, 0.5 oz

This combination of natural ingredients glycolic, lactic, citric, and ascorbic acids stimulate cells to shed smoothly and rapidly.  The absorbent and toning effects of Bentonite clay clarifies problem skin.   Sea Kelp and Horsetail Extract provide softness and skin conditioning properties.

Herbal Silk Moisturizer 0.5 oz

A highly effective formula developed to meet the needs of dehydrated skin.  Rosemary, Goldenseal, and Balm of Gilead Extracts are incorporated to revitalize and refresh sluggish skin.  Contains Ribonucleic Acid, found in the nuclei of all living cells and is essential for healthy skin.  Silk Amino Acids are added for a sensationally smooth feel.  This silky moisturizer leaves a light protective moisture barrier that helps smooth skin texture. Full Size Available

Advanced SPF 30 3.3 oz

Designed for light hydrate your delicate skin while provided protection from the sun. The powerful anti-oxidant Japanese Green Tea Extract is known for its anti-irritant properties, preventing redness, rough skin, and peeling caused by sun-drenched skin.  Vitamin E helps protect the skin from free radical damage.  Specialty and beneficial extracts include Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, and Licorice to revitalize and condition sluggish skin.  Developed for the face and the body.  We recommend that this light crème be used at the end of every treatment.

Super Firming Creme, premium sample size

Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of this high performance crème, showing the reduction of superficial facial lines by 36% within 4 weeks, and increasing skin firmness by 21% with 4 weeks.  This high-tech complex provides ingredients, which help firm and tighten aging skin while providing enhanced texture and the reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.  High doses of Vitamin E and Sodium Hyaluronate help protect and hydrate. Full Size Available Here

Botanically Based

Cruelty Free

Made in USA