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Cotton Chenille Spa Shrubbie


Spa Shrubbies are a luxury exfoliating, double texture facial and body scrubber.

The chenille front makes for a nice soft cleaning while the exfoliating back makes for great a scrubbing feature. Great spa item for the shower and bathroom!


Gently remove makeup with the soft Shaggie® side of the Spa Shrubbie. Renew your youthful glow with the exfoliating side.

The Spa Shrubbie truly stands alone as a rejuvenating facial scrubber!

  • Size: 4×4″.
  • Material: Cotton Chenille Front and Nylon Back
  • Care Instructions: Wash before using. Machine wash cool. Tumble dry low.

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The Cotton Chenille Spa Shrubbie is about a  4″ square made of very soft Cotton Chenille on the one side and flip it over and it becomes a very  gentle exfoliator.

Use it with your favorite cleanser and look forward to washing your face. The exfoliator side is gentle and can be used 2-3 times a week. It’s a client favorite! It comes in various colors, I’ll ship whatever color is available. It’s a great little add on gift!