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Get Ready For Winter

Get Ready For Winter

Get ready for winter by improving your beauty naturally from the inside out, with nothing more than water! I struggle to get my daily water intake. We improve our beauty naturally in the winter with added moisture and hydration for our skin and hair, but what if we do this on the inside as well?
All we need to do is drink more water and eat foods with a high water content. Here are some different ways to do that.
Grab a Water Bottle You Love
The first way we can drink more water is by getting a water bottle we truly love. This really does make a difference. I find myself wanting to keep filling it up and being more encouraged to bring it everywhere I go. Shop around and look for something that isn’t just practical, but pretty.

Consider Adding Water Flavoring

If you are someone that doesn’t drink a lot of water because of how it tastes, why not add flavoring to it? There are a lot of ways to do this without adding in a bunch of sugar to your water. This includes:
Using liquid water flavorings found in the water section of your grocery store.
Adding lemon or lime slices directly to the water.
Making infused water with veggies, fruits, and herbs.
I love cucumber water. It’s refreshing and the added flavor makes a difference.


Try Herbal Tea

Winter is the perfect time for the warm comfort of tea. Herbal tea is mostly water, with a little tea added in, so you can still count it as part of your daily water amount.
I love the Chinese tea called Pur’erh. It’s aged in the ground giving it natural probiotics. I originally found it at a tea shop in San Fransisco. It’s earthy taste and low caffeine content make it easy to drink any time of the day. It’s good for digestion and a great way to get more water.