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Father’s Day Offer

Rejuvenating Skincare with Angela
Opening Progress

I’ve been opened since June 1 and all is well!  State Board of Cosmetology greeted me opening day with a surprise inspection and I passed with flying colors. Everything has been running smoothly.
I wear a mask during every appointment and use disinfectants on every shared surface between each appointment as always and recently added a linen service!    ( I’m jumping for joy 🙂 All sheets, blankets and towels are cleaned and disinfected. They come to me sealed and ready to go.

All you need to do when coming in for an appointment is enter at or very close to your appointment time.You can wear a mask in if you’d like but it’s not required for obvious reasons.

Please feel free to use the hand sanitizer station on the counter as you enter.

Remember, if you aren’t feeling well or know that you’ve been exposed to COVID, please reschedule. It’s not a problem! 

Virtual Consultations and Online Ordering

I offer the following remote skin care options
Virtual Consultation – It’s easy as filling out a form on my webpage and sending it in. I’ll get back to you with product recommendations! It’s under the Forms Menu at
Zoom Consultation – I’m happy to do a Zoom Consult. This works out especially well for new clients. We can come up with a home care plan and I’ll guide you through some home peel options. Call 513-304-0257 to schedule or use the Booking Button Below
Online Ordering – All of the products I sell are available through my webpage at If you know what you want, feel free to order.i usually am able to ship with 24-48 hours BOOK HERE

Happy Father’s Day

Every June I remember past Father’s Days with my Dad. He worked every Sunday in June so we brought Father’s Day to him which usually included pasta and fireworks.
My Dad called me Ange, taught me how to run a business with integrity, shared with me his wisdom and his love of our Italian heritage. He loved all things Italian, from music to art and especially his love of Italian food.

He was the guy who left for work every day at 6:30 am. You could set your watch by it. He loved my Mom, his family and making fireworks. People came from all over just to meet him but he was always humble. At work he was known as Papa Joe.  He was talented, creative & told me great stories. He had a presence and was loved by many, especially me. 

I wish you all a safe and healthy Father’s Day with/remembering the special men in your life.

Use Code DAD5 and receive $5.00 off a purchase through the end of June! 
Joe Rozzi making fireworks in the 1940s for Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks in Loveland, Ohio