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Building a Relationship with Yourself AKA Me, Myself and Irene?

Building a Relationship with Yourself AKA Me, Myself and Irene?

When you think about how you feel about yourself, and how well you know yourself, how do you score on a scale of 1 – 10? If you feel that you know yourself very well, but you are on the lower side of how much you like yourself, then it might be time to start thinking about how you can build a better relationship with yourself. Lets Explore this.

Stop Focusing on the Dealings of Others/ Social Media Pitfalls

There are tons of distractions that can be found out in the world, but some of the worst distraction to get involved with are those that comes from spending too much time focusing on and critiquing the lives of others. It can be extremely easy to fall into the habit of concerning yourself others. Especially in this era of social media where everyone is posting what they had for dinner, where they went on vacation, what honor life has bestowed upon them lately! It’s easy to fall into a rut of watching others live their best life instead of focusing on doing this yourself.

Or even worse, it might be a manifestation of insecurities that you feel towards yourself due to constant comparing. My friend told me ages ago (pre social media era0 THE FAMED LITTLE WORD PHRASE, “COMPARE & DESPAIR” . She also said dilution is no solution but that’s for another time…No words ring truer for the now social media age. Remember way back when you dreaded going to uncle Bob’s for dinner because he would pull out the latest vacation slide show? Hours of him showing you what a great time he had. What a snoozer! Now we log on and can’t help but see the same slide show x 100!.

Take a step back. Turn off the posts you’d rather not participate in. Only you are aware of how you feel so take notice of your feeling and when you find yourself in a cranky snit, stop and ask yourself why?

.If you feel others have the perfect life that eludes you, you aren’t alone. It’s the downside of social media. If you feel as though you are constantly scrutinized by others, it’s important to remember that they might not even be aware that you feel any discomfort at all. It’s not their job to post content that helps you to feel better about yourself. That’s a job for each individual/ Most of the time, people are primarily focused on how they are seen by others. They are solely focused on themselves so don’t worry, the truth is they probably aren’t giving you a second thought!

Learn to Forgive People

It’s really hard to make a better relationship with yourself when you carry a lot of baggage from past dealings with people. The moment we have is now. It’s our most powerful moment. Things sometimes happen that can make your feel a little bit sour about having relationships with others but it’s important to remember that you don’t need to hold into these things. Let them just be things that happened and move on. It’s been said that forgiving people is more about being healthier for yourself than the person you are forgiving. This is because holding onto to anger and pain will only cause you to feel negatively about a lot of other things in your life. If you’ve been knocked around emotionally a few times, a face it, who hasn’t, hanging onto the bitter or hard feelings closes your heart up to the positive awesome relationships that come your way. Not only then do you hang onto toxic anger, you isolate yourself and keep your distance from possibly goodness that wants in.

Hint: Start with forgiving the easy ones first and work up to the big ones! I make a list of names and repeat after each one, “I forgive you, I forgive me and I send you Love and Light”

Once you have forgiven someone completely, the part of your mind that has been holding onto those toxic thoughts and feeling will be free to focus on better things.You free up space in there for positive things to come your way.

Learn from the experience because you don’t want to repeat it or call in the same kind of person. You can use that brain power to think of ways to put good things into the world around you. There are a lot of ways to spread positivity, and the best ways involve doing something from the heart.

Take Time to Help Someone in Need

There are few joys that can compare to the feeling you get when you help someone who really needs help. When you’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on yourself in unhealthy ways, a really good way to break out of that is also to help someone else. This puts them in the forefront of your mind for a time, and this can help you to appreciate the situation that you have as well. It also brings a feeling of gratefulness and appreciation. These feelings are the fastest way out of a hurtful funk.

There are a lot of programs that involve helping the homeless and elderly or lately with the weather related tragedies people are in constant need of volunteers that can help dilute the strain placed on other people who are already busy in the community. You might be surprised by the outpouring of gratitude that comes from people who haven’t been used to getting the help that you’re helping to provide. This can create connections and inspire the future success of people who might not have had the opportunity otherwise.

Write a Journal or a Letter to Yourself

Part of getting to the deeper parts of yourself is taking time out of your day to put your thoughts on paper so that you can read them back to yourself. Sometimes it takes this kind of exercise in order to be able to get a sense of what is truly on your mind. You might have doubts about recent decisions, or you might need to see your thoughts out in front of you to make those final choices. Whatever the case may be, this will help you to begin to prioritize your feelings and thoughts about things. Once you’ve drawn some conclusions it’ll be easier to make real changes based on the information you have about yourself.
Grab your laptop or a pen and paper and just write any word or feeling that comes to mind. Nothing coming? Doodle your feeling out. You’d be surprised and what pours out of you once you let go.


Do yourself a favor and practice meditating every day. It does not have to be a big deal. Ten Minutes a day, every day will change your life. Everyone has 10 minutes. Wake up 10 minutes earlier. Put your phone down and shave 10 minutes off of your social media time. This is what I do..
Sit somewhere you will not be disturbed
Turn the timer in your cell to 10 minutes
Turn the volume/buzzer and notifications off
Take a deep breath and close your eyes
Sit in quiet and listen to some background noise like a fan or the sound of your breath.
When your mind races, and it will, bring it back to the sound you’re focusing on.

Don’t be upset with yourself for any reason, it defeats the purpose! There is no right or wrong. Let go and relax into it. Some days will be easier than others. If you get your mind clear for 10 seconds out of 10 minutes, it’s a win! Keep practicing every day and you will see the world through a different lens. Your mind will be open to things you’ve never imagined.
Soon enough Me, Myself and Irene will be one big happy family!

6 Acts of Self-Care That Don’t Cost A Thing

6 Acts of Self-Care That Don’t Cost A Thing

Every now and again, it’s important we spend time to take care of ourselves in order to lower stress levels and maintain healthy lives. Many times we get so caught up in meeting everyone else’s needs that we neglect the most important person in our lives—ourselves! This leads to burnout, upset and general crankiness. It effect our work life, family life, our life!
Recognize your feelings and take a break when you need it, You’ll benefit it ways you never dreamed. You’ll be kinder, more patient and your world will thrive.

Here’s some ideas for self care even if you’re short on time and money. No excuses, you can do it.

So here are six easy self-care activities you can try:

Go for a Walk

Thirty minutes of walking does wonders to improve a person’s well-being. You can take a quick lap or two around the neighborhood during lunch, or you can explore your favorite park on a rainy day. Either way, exercise is a tried and true self-care technique and comes with the added bonus of health benefits.

It doesn’t matter if you walk fast or stroll. What matters is getting outside, moving your body and taking some deep breaths of fresh air. You and your body need the benefits of moving outdoors and being in nature.

Being in nature makes us feel grounded. Grounded is being able to be in the present, and be present for ourselves and the people we love. Look at the birds and trees and the beauty in all that surrounds you wherever you may be. Take a minute to appreciate the colors and smells of nature. You’ll feel refreshed and like new.

Read a Book

Reading books is another great way to decompress and relieve stress. Local libraries have plenty of reading areas to enjoy your favorite topics. And, unlike television or radio, reading requires your full attention, meaning you can minimize distractions more easily and become fully focused on the topic at hand.

It can be a long book, a short book, a comic book or a picture book. Let the story take you away for a while.You deserve a break.


Sometimes it’s helpful to be in a quiet location and empty your thoughts. You only have to sit quietly. This is what I do: Set a timer for 10-15 minutes, sit comfortably and make sure you won’t be disturbed.

Take one or two deep breaths, settle in and listen to your breath as it becomes steady and rhythmic. You can listen to a fan or some other background noise if it’s easier. As thoughts flow, let them pass and come back to the breath or that background sound. By spending time in stillness, you may find it easier to get answers to your most pressing questions at hand. You’ll see, the answers and inspiration will just some seemingly out of no where. It’s truly magical.

Write it Down

Have you ever considered keeping a journal? Writing down your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis is another great self-care technique that allows you to vent in a creative manner. You can even come back to old writings and learn about yourself at a particular moment in time.

It could be a list of things to do so you can get it out of your mind and onto paper. Once it’s out there on the paper, you’ll be more relaxed.

In addition to writing, drawing also does wonders for self-care. Take some paper and sketch what’s on your mind–you might be surprised at what comes out. It’s fun to just doodle. The point is to take a mind and body break to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Take a Salt Water Bath

Another self-care technique you can try is a nice warm bath with epsom salts and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Maybe lavender or geranium, bath of which are greats for the skin! There’s something therapeutic about taking a luxurious bath: feeling the warm water against your skin, hearing the water hit the tub, the fsoothing scent of lavender…and knowing you’ll be refreshed and relaxed at the end of it! Light a candle, play your favorite music, you’ll be glad you did.

Listen to Music

Got a favorite song you like to listen to? Then put on some headphones and have at it! Listening to music is another free self-care activity that can get you through the day. Music has a way of evoking emotions we try to keep hidden in ourselves. But by letting them come to the forefront, we can actually detox and feel better afterwards.

People need outlets for channeling whatever they’re feeling at a particular time in order to remain balanced. But sometimes we aren’t always able to make use of these outlets due to money, time constraints, or obligations to others.

The best way to take care of others is to take care of yourself. Isn’t that why airlines tell you to put the oxygen on yourself first before helping anyone else? So, the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, give these six self-care activities a try or, better yet, take a few minutes every day to do one of these small acts of self-kindness. Small actions often make the biggest impacts.

Winterizing Your Beauty From The Inside Out

Winterizing Your Beauty Routine From The Inside Out

Taking care of your skin is something you should always pay close attention to, but in the winter, it might differ from your skincare routine the rest of the year. The winter weather and climate changes how your skin reacts, often leading to redness, drying, and irritation. Depending on your skin type, this might be anything from rosy red cheeks to extreme dryness and flaking around your nose and chin. Colds and flu don’t help if you’re constantly blowing your nose and rubbing this area raw with tissues.
Some slight adjustments can make all the difference.
Keep reading if you want to know how to winter-proof your beauty routine.

Hydrate Your Skin from the Inside Out

If you don’t know already, water is one of the best things you can do for your skin, on the inside and the outside. Before you start adding in more hydration and moisture directly to your skin, you should think about what you can do to get it naturally from the inside. This is when it comes down to drinking more water.
With water, you are able to hydrate your skin cells properly, which not only keeps your skin from getting too dry, but it helps to reduce lines and wrinkles as well. You can also flush out toxins from your body, which also affects your skin, so you have extra bonuses to drinking more water.
Here are some ways to hydrate your skin from the inside out:

Drink More Water

Naturally, the first thing you should do is drink as much water as you can. You can start with a basic minimum of eight glasses of water a day, but keep in mind how much you drink depends on your diet and lifestyle choices. If you eat a lot of foods with high water content, you might not need to drink as much water. Here are some factors to consider when deciding on how much water you want to drink:
Your personal thirst level
Exercising and being physically active
Your weight and doctor recommendations
At the end of the day, you just want to be hydrated and not thirsty. If you find that you are thirsty, go for a glass of water instead of juice or soft drinks, and you should be able to get enough water each day.

Try Alternative Ways to Consume Water

Drinking enough water isn’t always easy to do, especially when you don’t like plain water. But that’s okay! There are plenty of alternatives available that will allow you to get enough water, which ultimately helps your skin and youthfulness. Here are some alternative ways to get more water into your body:

Eat foods with a high water content

This is one of the easiest ways to stay hydrated from the inside out, without having to constantly think about drinking water. If you choose foods with a high water content, you will help stay hydrated. This includes foods like lettuce, celery, cucumber, and herbal teas.

Try adding flavoring to your water – There are quite a few ways to flavor your water in order to make it more interesting. You can add slices of lemon or lemon to flavor it quickly, or use liquid water flavors that don’t add in sugar or calories. It will taste like juice without all the additives.
Make infused water – You can also get flavor in other ways. If you start preparing pitchers of infused water with fruits, veggies, and herbs, you have additional vitamins and minerals along with water that tastes better. Keep the pitcher in the fridge to have cold water at all times. Cucumber water is one of my favorites.

Hydrate the Skin Directly

Hydration starts with what you eat and drink, especially with drinking more water, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also hydrate your skin. In addition to using a moisturizer to relieve dry skin, it’s helpful to exfoliate the dry flakey skin. Try a loofa or my 15% lended Body Peel first, then apply some Body Boost.

Keep Your Diet in Check

The next thing you need to focus on when you are really trying to winter-proof your beauty routine also has to do with what you put into your body. Not just with the water you drink to stay hydrated, but choosing healthy food to provide additional hydration, and foods that will really nourish you from the inside out, which can make a big difference in how healthy your skin appears. Here are some easy tips to follow when you want your diet to help improve the quality and health of your skin during the winter.

Choose Hydrating Foods

To start with, let’s expand on the foods that have a high water content, and therefore provide more hydration. This doesn’t just include celery and cucumber, though they are definitely on the list. Try to add more of the following hydrating foods to your regular diet:

Citrus fruit
Bell Peppers

Think of foods with a lot of water, moisture, and juice, and that will help you determine which ones can be the most hydrating for your body, and therefore better for your skin.

Focus on Nutrients from Your Diet

You also should think about healthy foods that provide more nutrients to your body and your skin. A good way to do this is by focusing on a colorful, well-balanced diet. Don’t restrict yourself of entire food groups unless you have a food allergy, such as a sensitivity to gluten or dairy. Otherwise, really get your nutrients from a wide range of foods.

This might include a plate filled with lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Go for more color, as that helps you to use more veggies and herbs in your cooking, which is always a good thing. Experiment during the winter and try new things.

Another way to get more nutrients from your food is to choose from the list of superfoods. Superfoods are foods that are more nutrient-dense, therefore you are getting a lot more vitamins and minerals just in your diet alone. A healthy diet really does reflect well on your skin.

Here are some good plant based recipes

Add Foods That Are Good for Your Skin

There are some foods that are not just high in nutrients and good fats and good for a well-balanced diet, but they are good for your skin specifically. Some of these foods are also hydrating, so there is an extra bonus. If you want to follow a diet that helps you improve your skin naturally, here are some to choose from:

Fatty fish like tuna, salmon, and mackerel
Sunflower seeds – raw or cooked
Bell peppers
Sweet potatoes

Don’t Forget the Exercise

While this is not necessarily related to your diet, it is good to include in this section since it relates to how you should develop a healthier lifestyle. This will really help your skin a lot as exercise can boost circulation and will also give you more opportunities to hydrate even more. Getting your body moving helps your skin and overall beauty more than you might think.

Exfoliate, Moisturize & Protect

Once you have covered healing your skin from the inside out, it is time to add hydration and moisture protection on the outside of your skin.

Exfoliate the dead, dry skin that may be blocking your expensive moisturizer. You can use a loofa, dry brush or  light home body peel. You could even use a gentle scrub containing antioxidants like blueberries and coffee.

Once you exfoliate, moisturize to add in hydration and prevent more water loss. Try one with shea butter. It feels luxurious.

Makeup Tips for Cold, Winter Air

The last thing we want to talk to you about is wearing makeup in the winter. There is nothing wrong with continuing to use cosmetics during this time of year, but you might want to make a few adjustments. This is just to help with how your skin might be changing in the winter. This might not apply to you if you live in a mild climate and your skin has not gone through any drastic changes so far.

Use a Moisturizer with SPF

To start with, moisturizer should be a part of your daily makeup routine. While you should wear a moisturizer underneath your makeup year-round, it is even more important in the winter. After washing your face and letting it dry, apply a moisturizer that has SPF in it.
If You’re Dry, Skip the Powdered Products

Since the winter climate can cause a lot of extra dryness to your skin, you don’t want to make it worse by using powder. Try to skip over the main powdered cosmetics you would typically use.Instead, try a liquid foundation or a tinted spf to use daily to get your glow on.

Most of the powdered cosmetics come in a liquid form, including your highlighter. Your cheeks probably experience quite a bit of dryness, so you don’t want to make it worse with a powdered highlighter. Instead, get a natural glow with a liquid highlighter instead. You can also find cream blushes or even use a little lipstick as your blush as long as it is blended very well.

Make Use of Beauty Blenders and Sponges

Lastly, the application of your makeup will also change a little in the winter. Once again, you are working with dry skin, so keep that in mind. You don’t want to use your hands or a brush to rub foundation over your skin, as that can move around any flakes you have from the dryness. This creates clumps and makes your skin look even drier.
Instead, try using a damp sponge or Beauty Blender.. The moisture helps your foundation to go on smoothly in a patting motion instead of rubbing it around. This helps get the coverage you want without creating a problem with your dry skin. You could also try mixing a little moisturizer into your foundation.

If you keep these points in your mind, you will have beautiful, glowing skin all winter long.

Want Healthier Skin This Year?

Want Healthier Skin This Year?

I’m sure you know that a good home care routine and regular professional exfoliation helps your skin look and stay healthier and glowing. Maybe you even heard it from me! I’m sure you’ve heard that drinking water and keeping the body hydrated is important for younger looking, healthy skin. These things are true, but many people forget that what you eat can also have a significant impact on your skin.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it’s amazing. It has 5 main functions:

Protects against outside elements and microorganisms
Sensory Functions allow us to feel heat, cold, pain, touch etc
Temperature Regulation
Excretions through the sweat glands
Secretion of oils through the oil glands
Absorption of water and oxygen

Isn’t this an impressive list? So with all of these functions, taking care of your skin isn’t about vanity and it’s all about taking care of yourself so you are in your best shape to, in turn, take care of the people around you.

The skin on your face is usually the first thing people see when they meet you. I’m all about first impressions but my driving force to maintaining healthy and young looking skin is taking care of me. When I take care of my skin, I ‘m taking care of myself. It’s a trickle down effect. When I’m taking good care of myself, I have the reserves to take care of my family, friends and clients. So it makes sense to keep this important organ in top shape. Here are some tips for how eating right can help you and your skin stay healthy.

Key Vitamins and Minerals for Skin Health

Vitamin A is considered to be a very important vitamin for skin health. Carrots and other colorful vegetables have a lot of this vitamin. However, experts recommend low-fat dairy products for vitamin A, because it is said to be more readily absorbed in the form found in dairy foods. Low-fat yogurt is particularly recommended. In fact, plain yogurt is often an ingredient in topical skin preparations.

Vitamins C and E are also said to be important for skin health. They are considered “antioxidants,” which are discussed below. Vitamin C is found in citrus foods, bell peppers, tomatoes, and cantaloupe. Vitamin E occurs in avocados and most nuts and seeds.


Health professionals across the board are recognizing the importance of antioxidant foods in the diet, and how these antioxidants affect skin health is coming to light. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there is a thing called Face Mapping. Recently, Face mapping is seeing the face as it relates to a person’s overall health. For instance, skin is said to be an indicator of a person’s liver and other digestive organs. It truly is. Puffy underlies can be a sign of retaining water in some people and this area corresponds to the kidney in TCM. Also, we know the liver acts as a filter and as the liver stores toxins that enter the body to keep them from circulating and causing harm. Antioxidants help boost liver health and, in turn, skin health.

Another way that antioxidants in the diet may help skin is by protecting the skin cells themselves. Damage from free radicals – pesky molecules that form as a result of toxin exposure, as a by-product of certain body processes, or from sun exposure – may be prevented by antioxidants in the diet. So eating foods rich in antioxidants may help prevent this free radical damage from occurring. Antioxidant-rich foods include berries, pinto beans, artichokes, and tea.

Fats and Oils

Remember when your dermatologist told you not to eat “greasy” foods, as that could worsen acne? There is a place for fat intake in a healthy skin diet – as long as it’s beneficial fat. The fatty acids found in salmon, nuts, seeds, and some oils (such as extra virgin olive and avocado) help build strong cell membranes. They also help the body digest and absorb fat-soluble vitamins, such as the above mentioned vitamin A and also vitamin D, another vitamin associated with healthy skin. So add a little garlic and olive oil to your green beans or bell peppers. You’ll benefit with easier absorption of the vitamins packed in veggies and also feel great about the added flavor.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water and eating water filled vegetables all aid in keeping the skin healthy, hydrated and supple. Drinking half your weight in ounces of water is the generally accepted daily quantity one should drink.

Making an effort to reduce processed salty and sugary foods and to increase vitamin, antioxidant and water rich foods found in whole foods like colorful vegetables and fruits will certainly show in the glow of your complexion and the extra energy in your step.

How to Meditate to Get Rid of Bad Energy

How to Meditate to Get Rid of Bad Energy

Meditation has a long list of benefits, and among them, include the ability to get rid of bad energy. When you have a lot of negativity in your life, that bad energy builds and can cause physical and mental issues. If you are struggling with a lot of bad energy, here are some ways to rid yourself of it with meditation.

Focus on Your Good Thoughts for Good Energy

Bad energy comes from the negativity around you, but it often comes from your own mind. This is easy to do since you are heavily influenced by surrounding circumstances, from a disagreement with a friend or spouse, to frustration with work, and various other stresses. Even watching the news can create a lot of bad energy around you. To surround yourself with good energy, the first thing to do while meditating is focus on good thoughts. Think of something that brings you a lot of happiness, gratitude, and contentment, really focusing on the positivity and pushing out the negativity. You can picture yourself in your favorite place, maybe on a beach or in the mountains. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Try to Separate Your Mind from Physical Discomfort

Another way that bad energy can enter your mind and body is through pain or other forms of physical discomfort. If you have been dealing with chronic or acute pain, that might cause a lot of negativity in your mind, and for good reason. When you are meditating, this is a good time to start working on removing that negative energy.
To start doing this, you will first need to focus on the body parts causing you pain while you are meditating. When you do this, embrace the discomfort, then imagine that the pain is being lifted away. Think soothing and comforting thoughts, and picture that discomfort melting away as you relax more. This is not only a good way to remove the bad energy, but work on natural pain relief as well.

Practice Mindfulness for Ridding Yourself of Bad Energy

Don’t forget about the healing power of mindfulness! This is one of the best ways to get rid of bad energy. With mindfulness, you are focusing only on the present moment, by being mindful of what you are thinking, feeling, and experience right now. This is going to help get rid of bad energy related to past mistakes and regrets, or future worries. Be more mindful on a regular basis, and also focus more on this when you are doing your meditating – this is called mindfulness meditation. Focus on thoughts that make you happy. Be aware of your feelings so when you do find yourself heading in the wrong direction emotionally, you can redirect your mind and thoughts to a better place and feeling. You aren’t in control of much in this life, but you are in control of your thoughts. Be mindful of what you are thinking and let the good in.

Have a Meditation Nighttime Ritual

Have a Meditation Nighttime Ritual

Meditation is a wonderful way to become more in tuned with your mind, body, and soul, relieve stress, and have an easy way to practice more self-care and self-awareness. If you are not interested in doing a morning routine with meditation, why not switch it around and try practicing it in the evenings?

Get Your Meditation Space Ready

Before you start your nighttime ritual, you need to have your meditation space ready and set up. It might move around your home depending on what other family members are doing at the time, since you need time to yourself for this practice, but try to schedule it during a time where you always meditate in the same place. This allows you to set up a dedicated medication space, whether it is in your bedroom, office, or a guest room with a corner specifically for this purpose. Think about what you might use while meditating, such as mala beads, music, a candle or essential oil diffuser, or healing crystals.
Try a Warm Bath Before Meditating

Your nighttime ritual doesn’t necessarily only include meditation itself. This can be more of a nighttime routine, where you do roughly the same things each night. Before you start meditating, it can be good to be in a relaxed state, which is going to help with your meditation practice. One way to do this in the evening is add a bath to your nighttime routine. That way, you are relaxing your body after a long day, relieving some stress with bath salts and candles, and then feel invigorated and ready to relax your mind even further when you begin meditating.

Add Yoga to Your Nighttime Rituals

Lastly, why not add a quick yoga session to your nighttime rituals? Even if you prefer doing a full yoga workout routine in the morning or earlier in the day, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a short session in the evening before bed. This is great to do either just before or after meditation, benefiting from both of these practices with more self-awareness and relaxation.

Yoga in the evening helps in so many ways, from relieving stress and relaxing your body to help you get better sleep, to simply getting into a positive mindset for more peaceful dreams. It is also fun to do with the family before everyone gets ready for bed as a nice family-friendly activity.

Spa Treatments for Cold Weather

Spa Treatments for Cold Weather

If you are someone that likes to pamper yourself, you shouldn’t stop in the winter.In fact, winter is the best time for facials. The following will make you feel rejuvenated all winter long.

Face and Body Scrubs

The first great way to pamper yourself with an at-home spa experience is with scrubs. These are wonderful for your skin, since they exfoliate away dead skin cells and leave behind a refreshed, smooth finish. Not only should you use scrubs on your face and neck, but on your body as well. They are great to smoothing out rough, dry areas and getting rid of dry skin that clogs your pores. You can make your own scrubs with just a few ingredients, including salt or sugar, some oils like coconut or argan oil, and scents from essential oils.
Try some of my at home products to help dry, winter skin.

Face Masks

Face masks are another way to pamper yourself at home. If you want to have a spa night with your girlfriends or your kids, you can either get face masks from your local store, or make them yourself. Sheet masks are often easier to get from the store, and there are many to choose from with more natural ingredients. You can also make your own masks with simple natural ingredients you have in your kitchen.
I also have wonderful professional masks that aid all types of weather beaten skin. Ingredients like algae, hyaluronic acid and green tea soothe winter worn complexions.

At-Home Facials

Who doesn’t love a good facial? If you like going to a spa or salon, definitely still do that this winter! Your skin can benefit from gentle facials, but be careful with any varieties that dry your skin. For cold weather, you want to stick to the gentle, moisturizing facials. At home, this often uses a lot of kitchen ingredients and oils that provide moisture. This include masks and simple skin facials using ingredients like apple cider vinegar, sea salt, avocado, aloe vera gel, argan oil, and coconut oil.

If you want to go to a spa and get skin treatments during the winter season, which I highly recommend, make sure you use an experienced esthetician like myself, who knows skin types and how to change treatments according to the season. If you have a skin disorder that already is affected from dryness, like rosacea, you want to be gentle with any exfoliation and choose non abrasive products. Try a mild fruit or oxygen enzyme facial with LED or microcurrent that may reduce inflammation. A nice green tea algae mask can calm the most irritated skin. Book a facial, I’m happy to help!

Tips on How to Perk Up Tired-Looking Skin

Tips on How to Perk Up Tired-Looking Skin

Are you tired of looking tired? For many people, a tired-looking face just adds to their overall sense of dissatisfaction. If you are chronically tired and it shows on your face, quick cover-up tips will only go so far in giving you an energized look – you probably need to address the underlying cause of your tiredness, such as getting more rest, reducing stress, getting regular exercise, or eating a more healthful diet.

Those are good prescriptions for long-term skin health, but even if you are doing all the right things health-wise, everyone has a tired day now and then. That’s when it’s time to give your face a lift. Here are some tips.

1. Massage

Massaging your face can help increase circulation and give you a more rested look. Facial massage can be done just about anywhere, but the technique is more specific. Sources suggest the following method:

* Sitting comfortably, cup your palms over your closed eyes. Relax and breathe deeply. Do this for about a minute. If you like, rub your palms together first to make them warm.

* Then cover your face with your hands – fingertips on your forehead and the base of your palms on your chin.

* Move your hands slowly back and down so that your fingertips end up on your temples. Repeat this about 5 times, keeping your arms and shoulders relaxed.

* With your fingertips, gently massage the outer edges of your eyes using small circles. Repeat about 10 circles.

* Continuing to use a gentle, circular motion, massage the edges of your mouth, your chin, and below your chin. Relax your jaw, opening and closing it slowly if necessary, while you do this. Do this for about a minute.

* Using a “walking” motion, run your fingertips over and around your ears, including gentle strokes on your ear lobes. Do this for a minute or so.

* Gently stroke your fingers along the underside of your eyebrows and from the area between your brows up to your hairline. Repeat this about 10 times.

2. Exfoliate

Using a gentle exfoliating cleanser (like my enzyme exfoliating cleanser with blueberry) can help increase facial circulation and remove dead skin cells, making you look more awake. Ground almonds, oats, or other exfoliants are some of the things you’ll find in an exfoliating cleanser. Use one and promote a healthy glow to your facial skin.

3. Make-Up Tips

To help perk up a tired face, try getting some color where it would be if you felt more energetic. Rosy cheeks look energized, as does a touch of color on your chin and forehead. Using pearlescent or “shimmer” blush helps make skin luminous. The same goes for foundation and powder – a shimmering effect tends to look lively and energized.

For eye shadow, try frosted colors to add reflective light to tired eyes. To minimize shadows and circles under the eyes, use a thick concealer, such as the kind that comes in stick form.

4. Masks

If you have time, using a mask to wake up your face is said to be effective. I recommend applying a mask weekly to prevent a tired face, but if you need to perk it up for just one day or a special event, look for masks that contain deep moisturizing ingredients and astringents to help tighten skin like my moisturizing sheet mask with algae and squalene. Sheet masks are soaked in special skin care ingredients Take a break and lay down 10 minutes while wearing this mask and remove it leaving the serum on to be absorbed. you’ll notice an immediate difference. You’re skin will look revitalized.

Stop Pushing So Hard

Stop Pushing so Hard

As you begin trying to figure out how to get out of your creative rut and finally get unstuck in your life, you need to understand that sometimes the best thing to do is take a step back. When you keep pushing and forcing things to happen, you are often only
making it worse and harder for yourself. My mom always said, “don’t force it”, if it doesn’t fit, it’s not right”. Here are some things to know about not pushing so hard in order to get unstuck in your life.

You Can’t Force Inspiration to Come to You

Everyone wants to be inspired, whether it is inspiration to create something beautiful, to participate in one of your passions, or to think outside the box at work on a big project. Unfortunately, this is not something you can force on yourself. There are many ways to
find inspiration, but it won’t come to you because you will it to. Sometimes, it all comes down to you pushing too hard. You can’t force yourself to feel things, just like you cant force more creativity or feeling unstuck in your life. Try to live in the moment and let
things happen as they will.

Let Things Happen Naturally

While it is good to put forth an effort any time you want a change or are trying to accomplish something, there comes a point when you find yourself beating your head against a wall, you may just have to step back and see what happens. When you have done everything in your power, you have to accept how things are right now and just let things come in their own time. Maybe you are in a little creative slump right now, but if you keep forcing inspiration, you are only going to make it that much harder to find it.

Find Inspiration in Unexpected Ways

When you are ready to get back out there and find your next big inspiration, look in unexpected places. Read a new book, listen to a new podcast, watch something not in your typical genre, reach out to an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while, go somewhere you have never been. Sitting 10 minutes a day quietly with your eyes closed and letting your mind settle on your breath or the hum of the furnace or some background noise, when done with regularity, can be a great way to let inspired thoughts in. You never know when inspiration will strike, but you need to get out there and find new experiences in order to
find it.

Let Your Life Change Organically

Change is completely natural, but we as humans often fight against it. Stop fighting, raise the white flag, and let changes become improvements. They don’t always have to be a bad thing. Letting go isn’t always easy but it’s always rewarding.

Herbs That Help With Digestion

Herbs That Help With Digestion

When you have difficulty digesting food, a multitude of problems can occur. A pain in the stomach or intestines is the least dangerous part of digestion issues, but it could be a signal from your body that something needs to be addressed. A deficiency of nutrients that results from poor digestion can leave your immune system vulnerable to attack from a variety of microorganisms, and a lost ability to process foods can leave you fatigued, and expose you to a risk of vitamin deficiency condition. However, there are a number of ways to improve digestion, and help you to avoid slipping into a cycle of sickness. The following article will discuss a few of the herbs that can help you to treat, and improve digestion.


This surprising little plant is widely considered a garden nuisance by many people, but science has revealed that it is rich in vitamins and minerals such as A, B, C, potassium and zinc. In ancient times, it was used for a variety of digestive ailments. A couple of the other many amazing side effects of its use, are that it reduces oxidative stress and inflammation in organs like the liver. Dandelion root can help to kill leukemia cells, while leaving normal cells intact. Ingesting dandelions can be as simple as adding them to your salad. Just be sure to find a dressing that compliments the slightly bitter leaves.


The use of this parsley relative dates back to at approximately 5000 years ago as a popular spice in Egypt and the Mediterranean. Cumin has historically been used as a respiratory anti-inflammatory, and as a powerful aid to digestion. It was also used as a treatment for anemia, which was very likely to have been a symptom brought on by a malfunctioning digestive system.
Today it can be found in powdered form, and is a common spice that is used among many cultures.


Over the last 400 years, fennel became so popular with people, that some were moved to write poetry! As it turns out, this marvelous plant that give Italian sausage its flavor is extremely rich in the dietary minerals iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and exceeds the daily value for each in just 100 grams. Fennel, is classed as a carminative herb that aids in digestion, by increasing digestive efficiency. Another helpful side effect of this herb is that it reduces gas and bloating. This one is on my table around the holidays when overeating and rich foods are abundant.