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6 Acts of Self-Care That Don’t Cost A Thing

6 Acts of Self-Care That Don’t Cost A Thing

Every now and again, it’s important we spend time to take care of ourselves in order to lower stress levels and maintain healthy lives. Many times we get so caught up in meeting everyone else’s needs that we neglect the most important person in our lives—ourselves! This leads to burnout, upset and general crankiness. It effect our work life, family life, our life!
Recognize your feelings and take a break when you need it, You’ll benefit it ways you never dreamed. You’ll be kinder, more patient and your world will thrive.

Here’s some ideas for self care even if you’re short on time and money. No excuses, you can do it.

So here are six easy self-care activities you can try:

Go for a Walk

Thirty minutes of walking does wonders to improve a person’s well-being. You can take a quick lap or two around the neighborhood during lunch, or you can explore your favorite park on a rainy day. Either way, exercise is a tried and true self-care technique and comes with the added bonus of health benefits.

It doesn’t matter if you walk fast or stroll. What matters is getting outside, moving your body and taking some deep breaths of fresh air. You and your body need the benefits of moving outdoors and being in nature.

Being in nature makes us feel grounded. Grounded is being able to be in the present, and be present for ourselves and the people we love. Look at the birds and trees and the beauty in all that surrounds you wherever you may be. Take a minute to appreciate the colors and smells of nature. You’ll feel refreshed and like new.

Read a Book

Reading books is another great way to decompress and relieve stress. Local libraries have plenty of reading areas to enjoy your favorite topics. And, unlike television or radio, reading requires your full attention, meaning you can minimize distractions more easily and become fully focused on the topic at hand.

It can be a long book, a short book, a comic book or a picture book. Let the story take you away for a while.You deserve a break.


Sometimes it’s helpful to be in a quiet location and empty your thoughts. You only have to sit quietly. This is what I do: Set a timer for 10-15 minutes, sit comfortably and make sure you won’t be disturbed.

Take one or two deep breaths, settle in and listen to your breath as it becomes steady and rhythmic. You can listen to a fan or some other background noise if it’s easier. As thoughts flow, let them pass and come back to the breath or that background sound. By spending time in stillness, you may find it easier to get answers to your most pressing questions at hand. You’ll see, the answers and inspiration will just some seemingly out of no where. It’s truly magical.

Write it Down

Have you ever considered keeping a journal? Writing down your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis is another great self-care technique that allows you to vent in a creative manner. You can even come back to old writings and learn about yourself at a particular moment in time.

It could be a list of things to do so you can get it out of your mind and onto paper. Once it’s out there on the paper, you’ll be more relaxed.

In addition to writing, drawing also does wonders for self-care. Take some paper and sketch what’s on your mind–you might be surprised at what comes out. It’s fun to just doodle. The point is to take a mind and body break to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Take a Salt Water Bath

Another self-care technique you can try is a nice warm bath with epsom salts and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Maybe lavender or geranium, bath of which are greats for the skin! There’s something therapeutic about taking a luxurious bath: feeling the warm water against your skin, hearing the water hit the tub, the fsoothing scent of lavender…and knowing you’ll be refreshed and relaxed at the end of it! Light a candle, play your favorite music, you’ll be glad you did.

Listen to Music

Got a favorite song you like to listen to? Then put on some headphones and have at it! Listening to music is another free self-care activity that can get you through the day. Music has a way of evoking emotions we try to keep hidden in ourselves. But by letting them come to the forefront, we can actually detox and feel better afterwards.

People need outlets for channeling whatever they’re feeling at a particular time in order to remain balanced. But sometimes we aren’t always able to make use of these outlets due to money, time constraints, or obligations to others.

The best way to take care of others is to take care of yourself. Isn’t that why airlines tell you to put the oxygen on yourself first before helping anyone else? So, the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, give these six self-care activities a try or, better yet, take a few minutes every day to do one of these small acts of self-kindness. Small actions often make the biggest impacts.