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4 Ways to Perk Up Tired-Looking Skin

Are you tired of looking tired? If so, I’d like to share a 4 ways to perk up tired-looking skin and your skin care routine. For many people, a tired-looking face just adds to their overall sense of dissatisfaction. If you are chronically tired and it shows on your face, quick cover-up tips will only go so far in giving you an energized look – you probably need to address the underlying cause of your tiredness, such as getting more rest, reducing stress, getting regular exercise, or eating a more healthful diet. 

Those are good strategiess for long-term skin health, but even if you are doing all the right things health-wise, everyone has a tired day now and then. That’s when it’s time to give your face a lift. Here are a few ways you can do this yourself.

1. Massage

Massaging your face can help increase circulation and give you a more rested look. It helps move out build up in the lymph nodes which can give under eyes that puffy look. Facial massage can be done just about anywhere, but this technique is more specific. 

* Sitting comfortably, cup your palms over your closed eyes. Relax and breathe deeply. Do this for about a minute. If you like, rub your palms together first to make them warm. 

* Then cover your face with your hands – fingertips on your forehead and the base of your palms on your chin.

* Move your hands slowly back and down so that your fingertips end up on your temples. Repeat this about 5 times, keeping your arms and shoulders relaxed.

* With your fingertips, gently massage the outer edges of your eyes using small circles. Repeat about 10 circles.

* Continuing to use a gentle, circular motion, massage the edges of your mouth, your chin, and below your chin. Relax your jaw, opening and closing it slowly if necessary, while you do this. Do this for about a minute. 

* Using a “walking” motion, run your fingertips over and around your ears, including gentle strokes on your ear lobes. Do this for a minute or so. 

* Gently stroke your fingers along the underside of your eyebrows and from the area between your brows up to your hairline. Repeat this about 10 times.

2. Exfoliate

Make sure your skin is exfoliated at least once a month. You can use anything from a gentle facial scrub to a facial exfoiliating pad used with your favorite cleanser.  Removing dead skin cells gets rid of the dull build up, leaving you with a glow and helping to make you look more awake. 

3. Make-Up Tips

To help perk up a tired face, try getting some color where it would be if you felt more energetic. Rosy cheeks look energized, as does a touch of color on your chin and forehead. Using pearlescent or “shimmer” blush helps make skin luminous. The same goes for foundation and powder – a shimmering effect tends to look lively and energized.

For eye shadow, try adding a frosted color on top of your matte colors especially in the inner corner, to add reflective light to tired eyes. Minimize shadows and circles under the eyes, by using a thicker concealer, such as the kind that comes in stick form. Don’t go too bright on the concealor, you want it to blend, not stand out.

4. Masks

If you have time, using a mask to wake up your face is said to be effective. I recommend applying a hydrating mask weekly to prevent a tired face, but if you need to perk it up for just one day or a special event, look for masks that contains deep moisturizing ingredients and astringents to help tighten skin.

Of course there are many more than 4 ways to perk up tired looking skin. Click on any of the links below to explore other skincare information and options.

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