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Face Reality™ Acne Clearing System works when everything else has failed. The pills, the empty infomercial promises, the prescription creams that work…until they don’t.

We each have a job.

My job is:            Education, expert recommendation, expert skin treatment, close monitoring of your progress and adjusting program details as needed.

Your job is:            Sticking to the plan.

FACE REALITY™ CONSULTATION                        90.             90 minutes

The Face Reality™ Acne Clearing System is a partnership that requires us to work as a team to clear your skin. Everything begins with a detailed, in depth consultation during which you will receive your first treatment. We will discuss lifestyle habits, determine your skin type and skin condition, conduct a sensitivity test, trouble shoot issues that contribute to your individual acne condition and map out your individual, personalized plan. Please have your calendar with you to schedule your first few appointments. Full program compliance is critical in order to see results. With full program compliance, you can have much healthier, clearer skin in as little as 90 days.


**Expect to spend $150 on initial required home care products at consultation**


Face Reality™ Program Treatments                        50.             60 minutes

*treatments MUST be scheduled every 2 weeks for program compliance


Single Acne Maintenance Treatments             75.            60 minutes

Do you have a friend or loved one that needs support in achieving clear skin?

Rejuvenating Skincare takes long distance acne cases.

Please ask us about distance treatment details, we can help clear your skin.